Heklam BFP4F - Destroyer of Men

The New Age Of Hack Has Arrived

Powerful Aimbot

Advanced ESP

Vehicle Speed Abused

Unstoppable - Even by EAsy

Punkbuster Blocker

Easy Update System

Heklam Tools Weapon Recoil Reducer

Create Powerful Mouse Macros

Automate Mouse Movement

Customize For Multiple Weapons

Assign Hotkeys to Configurations


Mouse Emulator

Easy Update System

Welcome to Heklam Tools

Creating the best Game Hacks for your AimBotting needs, as Heklam Tools is new we only have one game hack released. But we will be working on more as our team grows to provide you with the quality aimbot/esp/farming software for your games.

Software Products

  • Heklam BFP4F - Destroyer of Men

    Its a game hack - you hack a game with it. You kill with it, you destroy your fellow gamers with it.

    Do you play the Game Battlefield play4free and tired of them low rank under powered guns.Time to OP the battlefield ladies. Welcome to the stage Heklam's Aimbot, public enemy number 1 too the battlefield play4free's gaming community.

  • Heklam Tools Weapon Recoil Reducer

    Weapon Recoil Reduction Software

    Will help to auto compensate the forced recoil of weapons in game.

    Easy to configure for multiple weapons.
    Assign Rapid Fire to your guns.
    Easy usage with hot-key assignments for each weapon configuration.

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